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Letter From Publisher

Jan 26, 2011 03:12PM ● By Nancy Caniff

Nancy & Sean Visiting Seattle

“As we look deeply within, we understand our perfect balance. There is no fear of the cycle of birth, life and death. For when you stand in the present moment, you are timeless.” -- Rodney Yee


For many of us, our time is spent distracted, rehashing the past and worrying about the future. We tend to move through life in a constant state of reaction to our children, partners, work and circumstances. Trapped in our heads, we lose our sense of balance, the true flow of life and the beauty all around. And when we disrupt our natural equanimity, we get sad, stressed and sick.

By avoiding mindlessness and practicing mindfulness – calm awareness of body, emotions, and consciousness – we can maintain separation from our ego driven thoughts and quiet the mental chatter. We don’t have to try and change or control each moment, but can merely observe and accept it without labeling, judging or holding onto it. A friend recently shared with me that whatever thoughts were present in his head were completely erased by a good night’s sleep. How wonderful to awaken fresh each day in present time, free from clutter hangover.

There are four areas we can regularly observe to cultivate a mindfulness practice: the body, emotions, intellect and spirit. The body is the vehicle we have been given to carry out our purpose on earth. Ideally we will treat it with respect, care and honor, and in return, we will be provided with innate messages for continuity of health, longevity and vibrancy.

Feelings are touchy. When suppressed or ignored, they have the ability to cause malaise and manifest illness, but when shared they provide a sense of relief and validation for our very soul. Tuning in, acknowledging and expressing ourselves makes us feel alive!

While the intellect is a wonderful tool for delineating and evaluating, we often are too attached to it and may unwittingly disconnect from our intuitive guide and our hearts. When the intellect is quieted and we return to our true self, we find that some tasks become more manageable and answers often appear at the ready.

The spirit is the source of “natural knowing” and our connection to the super conscious. It offers love, compassion and peace.
By steadily training ourselves to remain aware, we can restore balance to our lives and be fully awake and present.

Live Every Moment!


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