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Natural Rejuvenation: Debunking the Myths of Colon Hydrotherapy

Jan 27, 2011 01:48PM ● By Beth Davis

Terri Hawkins-Fox, PhD, ND

From an early age, Terri Hawkins-Fox, PhD, ND, sought out natural healing and mind/body medicine. Even as a child, she did not resonate with the acceptance of what we deem traditional medicine—her pursuit had always been about balance. “I see that anything other than being balanced places us in a state of despair,” she says.

She says the same goes for everything else in our lives. If we’re over acidic, then the manifestations of chronic or degenerative disease take place. “Don’t get me wrong—I miss the mark on a daily basis, but it drives my adrenaline to seek that balance in life. It’s become my passion.”

In 1975, Dr. Hawkins-Fox ventured into the Air Force to do governmental accounting. After six weeks, she had gained 32 pounds, broke out with acne, and looked and felt sick. It was obvious to her and others evaluating the situation that elimination problems—namely fecal matter—were the issue.

Her mother, who was also driven to follow a holistic approach, sought out and purchased a colonic table from a doctor and had it set up and ready to go when Hawkins-Fox came back to visit.  “This was the turning point in my life and what set me on the path to detox and build simultaneously for the balance that the body so desperately seeks.”

Today, Dr. Hawkins-Fox is the owner of one of the leading colon hydrotherapy centers in Indianapolis, offering clients safe and natural ways to optimize health spirit and vitality. Many misconceptions exist about colon hydrotherapy—what it is, why it’s used. Here, she answers questions to help debunk the myths of colon hydrotherapy.

1.    What is colon hydrotherapy, and why should someone have a colonic?

Colon hydrotherapy, or colonics, is a very simple and graceful way of removing old fecal matter that has built up in the colon. Warm filtered water is run through the colon to loosen and expel the build up. The procedure doesn’t hurt in the least and believe it or not, it’s not intimidating. You can listen to music, read, talk on the phone, or even work on your lap top during the entire process.

2.    Why should someone have a colonic?

Everyone has some build up.  If you consider the American diet with our sedentary ways and all the processed foods, how could we possibly avoid it? Even a pipe will have an unwanted collection of build up on the sides of it. Why wouldn’t we?

3.    How does one know if they should get a colonic?

If you’re not eliminating two to three times per day, if you’re sluggish, tired, and are eating the typical American diet you are a candidate for cleansing.

4.     What types of issues can a colonic help with, and what are its benefits?

Poor elimination, swelling in the abdominal area from fecal build up, joint pains and arthritis, allergies from food and environment, psoriasis, acne, or other skin problems, gas and stomach bloat, frequent headaches, back pain, poor memory, insomnia, it also removes parasites - the list goes on and on. There are many benefits—better elimination, weight reduction, supports immune system, helps clear complexion, aids in better absorption, more energy, and rids the body of toxins which creates a multitude of problems.

At Natural Rejuvenation, the focus is on balance—detoxing and building simultaneously to achieve this level.

“If we detox constantly without building we become weak, and if we try to build on a weak body, there is no foundation in which to build upon,” explains Dr. Hawkins-Fox.


In addition to colon hydrotherapy, Natural Rejuvenation offers classes on nutrition, juicing, raw foods, nutritional testing to access a starting point, lymph drainage, sound/light therapy, foot detox, skin care, and a rejuvenation system for relaxation and stress.

Natural Rejuvenation is located at 6650 West 10th Street in Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-243-3550 or visit
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