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Stillpoint Family Chiropractic

Apr 12, 2011 02:48PM ● By Beth Davis

As a teen, Dr. Mary Grace Pennella, of Stillpoint Family Chiropractic, dealt with extreme menstrual pain that sometimes caused her to faint. Painkillers prescribed by her gynecologist didn’t help, nor did anything else she tried. It wasn’t until her family pharmacist recommended going to a chiropractor that Pennella found relief.

“My mother thought it was crazy to see a chiropractor for menstrual pain, but she was desperate to help me,” Pennella recalls. Learning that if the nervous system is free of blockages, the body can heal, Pennella began daily sessions for three weeks and hasn’t experienced a problem since. Although fascinated by the process, she didn’t think she was cut out for chiropractic school; instead, she opted to earn degrees in business administration and fashion merchandising.

The next 11 years were spent working in the retail fashion industry. The job, while lucrative, was stressful and left Pennella feeling miserable. “I felt that I wasn’t doing anything meaningful, or doing what I was meant to do,” says Pennella. “I knew it was either my sanity or my job, so I decided to quit.”

Pennella began working at Jo-Ann Fabrics, earning $7 per hour. The job was a no-brainer, but it allowed her to “cocoon” and take needed time to discover what she really wanted to do. The only career that excited her was chiropractic. With college 15 years behind her, Pennella wasn’t sure if her dream was achievable, but she decided to return to school. Now certain of her goal, she pursued a degree in chiropractic and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2000.

After graduation, Pennella leased a space from another doctor for five years and practiced there under the name Stillpoint Family Chiropractic. In 2006, she moved to her current location in Fishers. Unlike most chiropractic offices, Stillpoint offers a wide range of additional holistic services including yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, meditation, nutrition counseling, hair analysis and the new PowerVibe Motion, a device that uses oscillating vibration for core strengthening and weight loss. Free wellness coaching is also offered to patients through a contracted coaching organization.

Pennella’s dedication and passion for overall better health and a more fulfilled life are evidenced not only by the choices she offers her patients, but by her commitment to teaching and practicing the true principles of chiropractic wellness care. “Wellness care seeks to turn on the body’s natural healing ability,” she says. Unlike standard medical care, which treats symptoms by adding something from the outside—a medication, surgery or procedure—wellness care does not add anything. Instead, it looks for the underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption and then offers adjustments and interventions that can optimize the conditions needed for the body to function normally.

Pennella points out that chiropractic and other adjustments don’t heal, the body does. “If you are not taking care of yourself, both emotionally and physically, you are sabotaging yourself,” she advises. “Proper nutrition, exercise and even meditation are critical to overall health. We live in a stressful world, and stress can make us crazy. Taking time for a yoga or meditation class can make a big difference in how we handle ourselves.”

Patients new to the practice go through an extensive consultation with Pennella to discuss any health-related problems, concerns and potential treatment options. She then performs a complete chiropractic examination, testing the nervous system, postural distortions and structural flexibility; other tests are carried out as necessary. Once the information is collected, patients receive a detailed report, along with treatment recommendations and a suggested wellness program. Every program is customized to help each individual achieve and maintain good spinal alignment, a healthy diet, an exercise regimen and a positive mental state.

Pennella sees patients of all ages, including infants, especially those with colic. Whether someone walks in suffering from enormous pain or simply wants to reduce stress and anxiety, she offers solutions.

“There is a saying that, ‘You don’t choose chiropractic, it chooses you,’” Pennella comments. “For me, that is absolutely true. I love what I do, so much so that it doesn’t feel like work. I know this is where I’m supposed to be.”

Location: 9780 Lantern Road, Ste. 230. For information, call 317-863-0365 or visit

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