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This Year’s Spring-Cleaning

What does it mean to cleanse? There are many detoxification and cleansing programs from juicing to full body detox with supplements and dietary restrictions. Many people are familiar with cleanses and some have even experienced them. But many people are still uncertain of what it means and why we should need to detoxify our bodies.

Toxins bombard us every day from the cosmetics we use to the pesticides in our food. Some we have control over and others are simply in our environment that we breathe in. When our bodies are working optimally we have no problem eliminating these toxins through our liver and then out the other end. But most of us, because of the sheer volume we are exposed to, find ourselves feeling more sluggish, more exhausted, and just not feeling as well as we used to. When this is the reality you are faced with, cleansing may be your best step. 

So what does a cleanse involve? Truly, it depends on the individual, how they are feeling and what the best solution may be. If each person is as unique as a snowflake, then shouldn’t the solutions that are recommended be just as individualized? At Cleansing Waters we believe so, and that is why we take the time to work with you. We listen to your experience, your symptoms, and together discover the best solution to helping your body function optimally. Why not include yourself in this year’s spring-cleaning? Your body will thank you for it.

For more information about Cleansing Waters or to schedule and appointment call (317) 259-0796 or visit They are located at 5501 East 71st Street, Suite A  Indianapolis, IN 46220.

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