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Letter From Publisher: Happy Father's Day

May 28, 2011 11:44PM ● By Nancy Caniff

The comments have been pouring in on how excited you are about what you are discovering and learning in these pages! Your soulful support serves as a reminder as to why we all pull together to do this every month. A monthly publication packed with such a variety of topics is no easy feat, so your acknowledgement of how much you love and appreciate this magazine means the world to everyone who plays a role in its development.

In today’s economy it’s a blessing to have a job. When you are privileged to work with good people for a cause that you believe in, like I do, it’s a joy to go to work each day. These days there are many more hours filled with laughter and good cheer as the staff here uncovers the stories and successes of our local sustainable and healthy living community in Indianapolis. The blessings continue to multiply, and I am especially grateful to all the people I’ve met throughout the Natural Awakenings journey. I’m equally excited and look forward to crossing paths with those of you I have yet to meet.

This month’s theme is Men’s Health, although we have plenty of articles that apply to both genders. Ladies, please pass this issue along to beloved men in your life after making the most of relevant news, calendars and articles. Helpful insights into fighting fat appear in the Healing Ways article, “Anatomy of a Potbelly” on page 12. We haven’t forgotten the importance of exercise in getting and staying healthy, and after reading “Barefoot Running” on page 16, you might just be tempted to buy a pair of these new minimalist shoes. See what our local experts have to say on page 18.

In honor of Father’s Day, this edition is dedicated to my Dad whom I lost much too early in life and with all my love to my partner and soulmate Sean Lucas.

May your life be the grandest adventure,

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