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Hormonal Balance and the Science of Staying Lean: For men, hormonal health plays an intricate role in wellbeing.

May 30, 2011 08:20PM ● By Dr. Ethan Wagner

For men, hormonal health plays an intricate role in wellbeing. This goes beyond the simple idea of metabolic rate or Body Mass Index (BMI). Hormones are released in the blood in such a way that even the slightest imbalance could lead to illness or disease. The science of staying lean for men is also a balance of hormones that includes such glands as the adrenal glands, the thyroid gland, the pituitary gland, the pancreas, the gonads and others. Each organ is working in harmony to maintain balance for the body and our ability to enjoy youthful, vigorous health.

The science of Age Management Medicine is to recognize the imbalance of hormones and work to correct them, so that men can once again achieve the mind and body they once had. Regaining and maintaining metabolic and endocrine functions at the upper end of the normal range gives the best opportunity for a healthier and more vigorous life.

Specifically, testosterone and insulin play a pivotal role in the lean body of the aging male. If out of balance, adipose cells (fat) become bloated and deposit in areas that we are quite familiar, the belly and “love handles.” But when insulin is suppressed, by a low carbohydrate diet, and testosterone levels are increased to optimal numbers, fat is utilized as energy and carbohydrates are more readily taken up as muscle glycogen. In other words, our love handles disappear and our skeletal muscles gain mass and shape

Furthermore, testosterone has a tremendous role in maintaining libido. There are testosterone receptors in the brain, heart and throughout the entire body, so slight increases in this pivotal hormone have strong systemic effects in the preservation of male sexuality and health. Mood is greatly influenced by testosterone, not only by the increase in lean body mass, increase in libido, and better self-image, but also aiding concentration and mental sharpness. It is the man with low testosterone levels that continues to show greater mortality and morbidity. Therefore, the balance of hormones, particularly the maintenance of proper testosterone levels, leads to a healthier, happier, and leaner man.

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