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Go Naked, Show Your Coils : There are over 25 different styoles of Z-Coil's.

May 30, 2011 08:33PM ● By Stefanie Davis

Coils? On a shoe? It’s true. Engineered specifically to help relieve foot, leg and back pain, Z-Coil® footwear has a patented, built-in orthotic and a steel conical coil that greatly reduces impact to the body (up to 60 percent impact reduction) and distributes pressure more evenly across the foot than conventional shoes. Of course, less impact means less pain.

The Z-Coil shoe can help with conditions such as Plantar Fasciitis, lower back and knee pain, arthritis and heel spurs. Individuals report a noticeable difference even after only 10 minutes of wear—like floating in water all day while at work. Others have avoided knee or back surgery, some don't need their canes or wheelchairs anymore and some individuals have been able to get off of pain medication, or even return to work after a disability kept them from employment.

There are over 25 different styles of Z-Coil’s, including sneakers, dress shoes, hikers, and steel and composite toe. Plus, customers have the option of purchasing covered coils. The custom built-in orthotic allows up to 200 custom adjustments on every shoe—which makes it crucial to be fitted in a store.

Z-Coil in Avon offers adjustments for the life of the shoe, free waterproofing every month, free cleanings every three months, and free shoelaces if needed. Call 317-272-9264 or e-mail[email protected].
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