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New Natural Lip Balm

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Professional trumpeter Dan Gosling knew he had solved a problem for thousands of musicians around the world when he created the formula for ChopSaver® lip balm. His all-natural, herbal formulation is now also available at Whole Foods Market® in Indianapolis for anyone with chronic lip dryness from illness or medications or experiencing other lip-related problems.

“No one is fussier about their lips than people who actually use them on a daily basis, especially those who rely on them for their livelihood,” explains Gosling, CEO of Good for the Goose Products, LLC, the parent company of the ChopSaver line. “I knew that ChopSaver was the answer for the tired, abused lips that trumpeters, flutists and other musicians have to cope with. That means it’s good enough for anyone.”

Currently available in music stores and doctor’s offices, ChopSaver is poised to enter the world of mass retail. “We know consumers are demanding high value and high quality,” Gosling says. “It is our obligation to make this product available for everyone to enjoy. We are thrilled to partner with Whole Foods Market.”

Says Lynn Wallace, buyer for the Eighty-Sixth St. Whole Foods Market location, “From my days in a band, I knew ChopSaver was a great product and, being all-natural, a perfect fit for our discerning customers. I am so pleased to be able to bring ChopSaver to our store.”

Recently, doctors also have begun to sing the praises of the product, especially those that prescribe medications that dry the mouth and lips. “ChopSaver is the best lip balm I have ever tried, and my patients agree.” says Jo Bohannon-Grant, MD, a Midlothian, Va., dermatologist. “It magically stays put and lasts a long time without being waxy.”

Whole Foods location: 86th St., Nora. For more info, call 877-346-0951or 317-362-2092 (mobile), visit or email at [email protected].
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