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Young Living Essential Oils, a 20-year-old, international company that specializes in growing, distilling and selling therapeutic-grade essential oils, recently announced that they are expanding the number of acres they usually have under cultivation for Lavender Angustifolia in response to the virus that has affected most of the commercial lavender farms in France. The virus, which has been getting worse in the past several years, has spread to the point that it has all but halted any lavender production in France.

Lavender Angustifolia is the highest strain of Lavender and harbors the highest potency of healing components. Young Living has maintained its own Lavender Angustifolia farms in Mona, Utah, and St. Maries, Idaho as well as Simiane-la-Rotonde, France for many years. Its farm in France escaped the deadly virus, but succumbed to the draught that also plagued the surrounding lavender fields in the area. As a result, Young Living expanded its usual 200 acres devoted to Lavender earlier this year, planting over 160,000 Lavender plants at its United States farms in order to meet expanding sales demands.

The lavender virus situation in France has seriously affected the world supply. Recent reports indicate that European lavender brokers have resorted to utilizing lavandin (which can be somewhat caustic to sensitive skin if not mixed in correct proportions with other essential oils), and instead are mixing it with a synthetic linalool solution and selling it as “French Lavender”.

For more info, contact Marilyn York, Natural Health Advocate and Young Living Essential Oils Distributor. Visit
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