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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter From Publisher: Exploring Our Own

Aug 31, 2011 11:33AM ● By Nancy Caniff


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Creativity is the theme for September and this issue is full of inspiring ideas. While space is limited in the pages of the magazine, our overflow of this month’s features are published in their entirety on our website; like the one on our cover model Summer Rayne Oakes. Go to and see what’s new.

What better way to support creativity then by preparing foods that support better health. Learn about gluten sensitivity and how it presents itself in the body along with ways to avoid gluten containing grains in “Gluten: Trust Your Gut” on page 22 and favorite products of “Nature’s Market” on page 23. We’re fortunate to have so many skilled nutritionists and health food stores in our local area to help you navigate the needs of your body. Be sure to take advantage of all the tools our advertisers have to offer, they sincerely want to help.

Being healthy is not only about what we put into our bodies or how we take care of our bodies on the outside, but also about feeding the mental, social and creative part of our bodies with positive energy. The power of positive thinking can yield miracles. Surrounding ourselves with positive people helps feed our healthy social need to prosper in life. By allowing ourselves to tap into the creative side on a daily basis, we feed our brain to enhance our health. This month’s Healthy Mind department discusses “The Effect of Sound Therapy on the Mind” on page 18.

This might make you laugh, but I frequently think of myself as being on a ‘Mission of Peaceful Exploration’ (yes, just like Star Trek Enterprise!). That’s why I’ve decided to elaborate on the touching stories of hope and prosperity that were relayed to me as a result of the latest group gazing sessions by Braco. By permitting myself to remain open to the possibilities that my brain or ego may not understand I hope to experience concepts that stretch the boundaries of my mind. Sure, I remain skeptical and somewhat guarded, but I’m learning to trust my instincts. Above all is my desire to safely satisfy my curiosity and explore strange new worlds. Let down your guard for a few minutes and absorb the significance of the positive transformations recounted on page14. I found them inspirational.

September is also National Yoga Month and we are celebrating it by focusing on the amazing yoga studios and practitioners in Indy. Natural Awakenings’ community of 87 publishers are co-sponsoring the event at, an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the many healthful benefits of yoga practice. You’ll find a directory of free or donation based yoga classes on page 15 with a more comprehensive list at Whether you partake in yoga or Pilates, stretch your limits and take advantage of exploring new worlds. It’s all here for you.


Peace out,



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