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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Elaine Voci Life Skills Coaching: Offers Journal Workshops

Aug 31, 2011 11:33AM


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What if you could heal your world simply by holding it in your hands? The experiential Intent Heals Journal workshop, offered monthly by Elaine Voci Life Skills Coaching LLC, in Carmel, is designed to facilitate a deeper awareness and appreciation for the people who have touched and shaped our lives. 

Participants learn how the Journal was developed and how its power of intention, daily prayer and healing—on physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual levels—can change their lives.  Current research on heart-brain communications is included that demonstrates the effects of emotions, such as gratitude and forgiveness, on heart rhythms that are coherent (meaning that mind, body and emotions are all operating in harmony). Participants receive attractive, hand-made Journals, made in Nepal by Tibetan refugees, that offer a tangible way to engage in prayer, gratitude and forgiveness.

Many of the world’s oldest spiritual teachings emphasize gratitude as a transformative spiritual practice that brings awareness of all the many gifts and blessings in our lives. Through such practice, we can discover that happiness and inner peace are generated from the inside-out, rather than from the material or external world. Daily use of the Intent Heals Journal can be one of the quickest and most direct paths to restoring balance and harmony in our lives that, in turn, fosters even more gratitude and appreciation.

Location: 11805 N. Pennsylvania St., Ste. 136. For more info, visit, where there is also a link to her blog and a video about the workshop.
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