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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Landman Memorial Concert: at Good Earth in Broad Ripple

Aug 31, 2011 11:33AM


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The third annual Bob Landman Memorial Concert, honoring the late owner of the Good Earth Natural Food Company, will be from noon to 5 p.m. on September 25 in Broad Ripple. Live bands will play on the store’s parking lot and free food, beverages and nutritional supplements will be available as the store celebrates both Landman and its own 40th anniversary.

According to Rudy Nehrling, Good Earth Natural Food Company president, the free samples will encompass a variety of products. These include gluten-free goods, which the store now carries in each of its departments, including the nutritional supplements section. In addition, he says that gluten-free bakery items are obtained from bakeries throughout the country and that gluten-free products not carried by the store can be ordered.

Nehrling also salutes employees Deb McClure-Smith and Alix Litwack who have been with the store for 25 and five years, respectively. In addition to informing and educating Good Earth customers on healthful eating, they are the authors of I Feel Good, 10 Easy Steps to Better Health, which is available at the store.

Location: 6350 N. Guilford Ave., in Broad Ripple. For more info, call 317-253-2898 or visit
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