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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Personal Guide Offers Private Wealth Catalyst Sessions: Gregory offers some "Vitamin J"

Aug 31, 2011 11:33AM


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After a decade of managing millions of dollars for his clients, private investment advisor Jason Gregory found a better way to be of service to humanity. He now teaches meditation, deep breathing techniques, laughter therapy and other approaches to living happy, fulfilling and more abundant lives.

“Vitamin J,” as he calls his offerings as a wealth catalyst and well-being guide, now provides his services in private sessions at the residences of clients in Greater Indianapolis and also Central Indiana.

Gregory says he left the financial advisory world after he concluded that fraud and fear were rampant in its systems. Living a financially healthy life is still possible, he says, but it now requires other skills such as the ability to raise one’s vibration. He’s spent two to four hours a day doing precisely that for the last 20 years. “I take people by the hand and let them know there’s nothing to fear about what’s happening,” Gregory explains. “Yes, financial systems are ever-changing and transforming, but let’s go raise our vibrations and eliminate the fear. If we can stay breathing and stay conscious, there are real opportunities ahead.”

For more info or to make an appointment, call 812-350-4633 or email [email protected].
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