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Quantum Light Therapy Offered by Whitewillow: Quantum lasers to treat disease

Sep 30, 2011 03:15AM


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Whitewillow is one of a small but growing number of health practitioners in the country who specializes in the use of quantum lasers to treat disease. “Quantum Light Therapy (QLT) pushes light five inches into the body. You get quick, remarkable results with it,” she says, adding that QLT has been used for more than 20 years on expeditions of the Navy Seals and, more recently, on the International Space Station.  

Now based in Indianapolis, Whitewillow is a former nurse who has done wellness research at Massachusetts General Hospital, which is affiliated with Harvard Medical School.  She favors an integrative approach, offering homeopathy, essential oils therapy, cranio sacral therapy and nutritional counseling along with QLT, which she first learned about in Europe in 2005. She says QLT’s benefits include supercharging the immune system by killing bacteria and viruses in the bloodstream;  improving circulation; oxygenating tissues; reducing pain; increasing the body’s tolerance of radiation or chemotherapy; increasing the metabolism of cholesterol, uric acid and glucose; providing anti-inflammatory effects; reducing infection; and improving the flow and properties of blood. 

Patients at Whitewillow’s offices can receive a free consultation. They are also invited to attend her wellness classes every third Thursday of the month at Hampton Inn, 2311 N. Shadeland Avenue. The first class is free and each subsequent session is $5.

Office locations: 740 E. 52nd St., Ste. 11, and 777 Shadeland Ave. For more information, call 617-990-6979 or visit
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