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At Flourish’s, Many Like it Hot: Temperature Varies


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At Flourish Yoga + wellbeing, in Fishers, founder/owner Amy Thomas offers yoga classes with varying degrees and focus. Vinyasa classes are dynamic yoga practices that build strength and endurance through actively and mindfully connecting one’s body movement to the flow of one’s breath. 

Flourish has Vinyasa classes that are “comfortable” room temperature (75-80 degrees), warm Vinyasa (85-90 degrees), and hot Vinyasa (95-105 degrees). As the room temperature increases, so does the intensity and challenge of the yoga practice. When a person becomes more familiar with Vinyasa flow sequences, the hotter temperatures aren’t an uncomfortable distraction, says Thomas. “They are an aid enabling practitioners to sweat and literally wring out toxins or constrictions in the body and even one’s thinking. It’s about moving, strengthening, and mental focus.  It’s very male, very yang energy.” 

At the opposite end of the spectrum, Flourish Yoga offers yin yoga classes. “It’s the balance, the harmonizer for yang energy,” says Thomas. “Yin yoga gently guides the practitioner to move deeper into one’s center peacefully. Yin is about letting go into a stretch, about opening through stillness into relaxation.” In the yin yoga classes, floor postures are held for at least three minutes. This allows openings deep into the joints and tendons.

Flourish strategically offers Vinyasa and yin classes on alternating evenings so that yogis can experience the blissful state of balance and harmony in their yoga practice throughout the week.

Location: 10138 Brooks School Rd. For more information, call 317-841-0103 or visit
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