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Five Fitness Favorites

Oct 10, 2011 05:44PM ● By Kathy Day

Elizabeth Goens is a marketing consultant for Natural Awakenings magazine of Indianapolis. Married and a resident of Broad Ripple, Goens has been a vegetarian for eight years and recently started following the Specific Carbohydrate Diet for health reasons. This is a diet free of gluten, sugar, lactose, grains and starch to improve the immune system and one’s overall health.

Her fitness activities include yoga, hiking, bicycling and strength training. She enjoys gardening, sewing, designing and photography. Goens also cooks and creates recipes for the website

Her five fitness favorites are:

1. Practice yoga.

My favorite indoor fitness activity is heated yoga, which is yoga practiced in a room heated to about 95 degrees. It helps with my arth- ritis, stress, flexibility and overall strength. Yoga makes my body feel so good that I recommend it to everyone.

2. Ride your bike.

My favorite outdoor fitness activity is bicycling. In the warmer months, I prefer to get around by bicycle, and living by the Monon Trail makes commuting easy. Riding to the Broad Ripple Farmers Market, restaurants and shops also makes exercising fun.

3. Eat healthy.

Tulip Noir Caf, 1224 W. 86th St., is my new favorite breakfast and lunch spot. It offers a wide variety of vegetarian and gluten-free options while using fresh, local ingredients.

4. Find a good cookbook.

I collect cookbooks and have so many that I love. My favorite cookbook currently would have to be “Healing Foods” (Elephant Publishing, $29.50) by Sandra Ramacher.

5. Eat snacks that are good for you.

My favorite snacks are raw organic trail mix and smoothies made with homemade yogurt and frozen fruit. Both are loaded with protein and nutrients to keep me going.

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