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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Women from All Cultures Get Together To Find a Path Towards Peace

Oct 25, 2011 07:01PM ● By Kiki Suarez


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Artist, writer and psychotherapist Kiki Suarez, born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, remembers growing up with, “…confining rules about colors: You cannot wear orange with red; you cannot wear dots and stripes together.” After relocating to Mexico as a young adult, she threw them to the wind.

Entranced by the joyous mingling of patterns and enormous flowers in every imaginable shade worn by Mexican women, Suarez sat down one day and began to paint. Her exuberant art reflects the bold hues and spirited culture of her adopted homeland, while expressing her belief in love, peace and fellowship. “I found a language in which to communicate with others, without any words,” she says.

Recently diagnosed with a genetic eye disorder that may lead to blindness, Suarez faces the challenge with courage and grace. “Each moment is unique in… the universe,” she advises. “You catch it with your consciousness and live it, or you have lost it forever!”

Kiki Suarez’s art is held in private collections worldwide. View her portfolio at
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