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Habitat : A soul that sincerely seeks life, receives a body, and a habitat.

Oct 27, 2011 04:06PM ● By Julia R. Wilder


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A soul that sincerely seeks life, receives a body, and a habitat.

A bird was overheard: “Boy it’s hot. You know, all I need this year is good berries and seeds for food, clean water puddles and streams for drinking and cleaning, tall plants to hide from predators, and a nice bush for a nest to raise my kids.”  This is what everybody wants: Habitat!

Habitat supports physical survival, of individuals and species, on the earth.  Habitat is never a given, but requires creativity. It is where the soul lives. The earth itself expresses unfathomable original creativity. People, plants and animals join the habitat process in myriad ways. Moreover, animals and plants, often thought of generically by people who do not watch closely, actually blossom individually in nature, as do people.

Earth is the habitat for the entire bio-family that lives here. Is there one family name that can encompass and unify all species of life underneath the blue umbrella? Let’s just call it biofam, unless we have a contest and come up with a better name. We are the family of Life. The earth provides several biomes, allowing every being to find a comfortable place to live and thrive. This is a God-given right, that no human law or behavior should reduce or destroy.  

The National Wildlife Federation says habitat is 4 features: Food, water, shelter/cover, and a place to raise young.  Humans live in a built environment that has reduced natural habitat. Many wildlife—each beautiful and intelligent in the way God created them—do not have sufficient habitat in cities and rural areas to reproduce. Humans, however, have mastered the “reproductive arts.” Human animals in the 21st century need less habitat emphasis on reproduction of the species. Humans require mental, as well as physical, habitat which yields biologically-sustainable living strategies that support the entire earth family (“biofam”).  

The right of all biological beings on the earth to have sufficient habitat can be called “biocracy.” Babies of all plants and animal are tender and cute, and become colorful adults—just like people.

Most spiritual people realize they have stewardship duties to fulfill God’s desire for biocracy.

I see God smiling. People in Indy/Marion County are returning their yards and neighborhoods to natural gardens that provide habitat for themselves and for local plants and animals.  

People lift up heart windows, luxuriate in breeze ventilation, and let the light and rainwater back into their lives. Animals show us how to use local plants and resources for habitat. We can learn, once again, as our ancestors did, to use the same wisdom.

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