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Christmas Angel: By Yelena Yahontova


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Yelena Yahontova, Photographer of Joy, is an award-winning professional portrait photographer born in the Eastern European country of Belarus who has lived in the US (Bloomington, IN) since 2002. Yelena is a woman on a mission. She stays her mission is “to create and celebrate beauty, joy, love, magic, and our oneness with nature”.

Yelena specializes in whimsical and joyful portraits in nature. She provides an imaginative alternative to the formal, posed studio portrait and offers portraits for everyone: families, babies, expectant mothers, children, high school seniors, couples, people with their pets, musicians, dancers, models, etc. In wintertime, if it is too cold to go outside, Yelena offers sessions at her Bloomington photo studio or at her client’s homes.

A special distinction of “Yelena: Photographer of Joy” is that Yelena provides a costume and accessories collection for both adults and children to have fun with during the photo session. Her collection includes vintage dresses, fairy gowns, butterfly and angel wings, among other items. Yahontova captures the uniqueness of each individual and the love and tenderness between family members. With the use of her costume collection, her creativity and imagination, Yelena transforms girls and women into Angels, Fairies, Nature Goddesses, and Nymphs; and above all, she creates portraits that are truly works of art.

Her work is displayed in many local businesses (restaurants, hair salons, etc.) and art galleries throughout Bloomington and the Indianapolis area.

To see more of the photo collection, visit

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