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Holiday Angel Portraits by Yelena: Photographer of Joy


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Yelena, the Bloomington-based “Photographer of Joy,” is offering angel portraits for the holiday season. For these sessions, she provides feathered wings, gowns, halos and custom hairstyles if desired plus other accoutrements from her extensive collection of costumes that also include bear-angel ensembles for boys.

All the award-winning American photographer, photo artist and costume stylist who was born, raised and educated in Eastern Europe asks is that her clients bring “an elevated, happy mood. I provide an imaginative alternative to the formal, posed studio portraits.”

“As an artist, I see that my mission is to create and celebrate beauty, joy, love and bring happiness into the world. That is why my portraits do not simply reflect how you look – I create portraits that reflect your inner beauty, your soul, your inner light and your joy, which are undoubtedly at the heart of every person. And most importantly, I add my own joy to the creative process.”

Yelena frequently travels throughout the region to photograph clients in their homes and in outdoor settings in which they are comfortable. She creates angel portraits at any time throughout the year, but finds them to be especially meaningful at Christmas. “To me, angels are about joy and love. I believe angel photographs have healing effects on our souls,” she explains. “They remind us about our own guardian angels from the spiritual realm. Also, when family members are photographed as angels it reminds them they are angels in each others’ lives.”

For more information, call 812-333-8178 or visit and
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