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Cleansing Waters’ Angels Help Clients : Cleanse & Rebalance Both Before And After Holiday Indulgences


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The earth Angels at Cleansing Waters (founder Nancy Spahr, Trina Strong, Cindy Aguirre and Sharon Levels) are busy this holiday season revitalizing clients as they enjoy themselves at parties and other social gatherings.

Fittingly, the Angels are using Cleansing Waters’ state-of-the-art colon hydrotherapy system is -The Angel of Water. Unlike more traditional systems, the Angel Of Water allows clients to be in a reclined position during their colonics. “Ergonomically, the design is more comfortable for people and seems to produce better results,”says Spahr. “ All the components are medical standard. The welcoming design is safe gentle and allows clients to maintain dignity.

According to Spahr colonics are great at any time, but they’re especially effective during the holiday season “because when you’re indulging in all those sweets, it shuts down the immune system and can slow down the digestive tract process. By getting a colonic, we are hydrating the colon, stimulating the immune system and ridding the body of waste.”  In addition, the Cleansing Waters’ Angel team can help with digestive care products such as enzymes, probiotics, botanical and homeopathic remedies for a variety of conditions.

Cleansing Waters offers a cleansing alkaline drinking water that is more hydrating with the added benefits of minerals and anti-oxidants.  An alkaline body supports a healthy immune system and healthy colon.

Spahr, who is known to encourage the occasional poop joke, observes that some people tend to get constipated during the holidays due to the stress of the season coupled with overindulgence. “The colonic can get things going for them,” she says.  “And then there are a lot of people who want colonics at this time of the year so they can have flatter tummies.”

Location: 5501 E. 71st St., Suite A, Indianapolis. For more information, call 317-259-0796 or visit and
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