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Electric Vehicle Public Charging Stations: Two Charging Stations at the Arthur M. Glick JCC

Indianapolis Power & Light Company (IPL) recently selected the JCC to be the first public electric vehicle charging station outside of the downtown area as part of IPL’s Electric Vehicle Charging Station Pilot Program. The agreement demonstrates both organizations’ commitment to protecting our environment and promoting the preservation of our community.

Joan Soller, IPL manager of corporate planning, remarks: “IPL is eager to support the energy needs for electric vehicles in Central Indiana. The JCC’s passion for the project and the location of its facilities will foster EV adoption and charging.”

Two public charging stations have been installed in the east parking lot of the Arthur M. Glick JCC, 6701 Hoover Road, Indianapolis. For electric vehicle owners, the JCC’s central location on Indy’s north side is a tremendous convenience and the service is highly affordable. The cost is $2.50 per charging session regardless of the amount of time used. According to Bruce Sklare, JCC Special Projects representative, “The JCC’s partnership with IPL is one part of a much larger initiative to encourage our community to be good stewards of the environment. In 2012, the JCC will roll out other plans to promote outdoor activities and raise awareness of the health benefits of spending more time out-of-doors.”

The EV program provides up to 200 IPL customers who own electric vehicles the opportunity to qualify for a 220V charging station in their home or business. This higher voltage (220V vs. the standard 110V) allows customers to charge their cars faster. By providing the charging stations to customers, IPL will be able to study how much electricity these vehicles require and what their impact would be on the power grid. This program will allow IPL to create products and a pricing structure for off-peak hour usage to ensure affordable and reliable service.

In addition to local economic development benefits, IPL estimates EVs will annually reduce green house gas emissions by more than a ton per vehicle when fueled by electricity from its mix of renewable and fossil fuel generation instead of petroleum fuel. 

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