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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Transmission Meditation: Advance Your Spiritual Evolution


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Are you concerned about the world’s well-being and searching for a way to contribute? Interested in transforming yourself while also simultaneously serving humanity? You are invited to join a free Transmission Meditation group, which meets every Sunday afternoon at a private home in Indianapolis, south of Broad Ripple. This meditation provides a simple, yet potent, form of world service that can advance your own spiritual evolution.

When you participate in Transmission Meditation—easy to learn with no prior meditation experience required—you act as an instrument for distributing potent spiritual energies which help the healing and transformation of our planet. These energies flow through the group and then are directed out into the world where they are much needed. According to Benjamin Creme on, there is no other form of service as potent and far-reaching that requires such a small expenditure of effort. You can achieve 20 years of personal growth from one year of consistent Transmission Meditation.

For more information, call Dave at 317-283-1152 or visit
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