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Burn Fat: with Boresha Coffee


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Boresha International introduces thermogenic fat-burning Skinny Coffee to the coffee-loving community. BSkinny Coffee, a patented low-glycemic coffee, can help you burn fat while you enjoy your morning, afternoon, or evening cup. It helps balance hunger, combat stress-related eating, increase energy levels, and thermogenically burn fat from your fat cells all within your favorite cup of coffee.

Dr. Ann de Wees Allen’s Skinny Coffee compound has been joined with Boresha International’s Fair Trade and certified organic coffees. BSkinny Coffee works through the patented Buffered Caffeine process, designed to create maximum adipose tissue fat burning, block cephalic response, and create glycemical balanced energy.

The company says Skinny Coffee is the only patented fat-burning coffee that does not spike the blood sugar and has been scientifically proven to shrink the size of the fat cell. Skinny Coffee activates the body and instructs it to use the fat in your fat cells and burn it for energy, instead of your glucose or muscle, so it literally burns fat. The thermogenic fat burning turns the fat in the fat cells into heat, and as it’s dispelled, we feel that in the form of energy. The other benefits of Skinny Coffee is the low-glycemic matrix, helping the body curb appetite and combating stress-related eating so people feel fuller longer and don’t crave sugary foods throughout the day.

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