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Letter from Publisher: Loving Your Mind

Feb 01, 2012 10:58AM ● By Nancy Caniff

photo by Yelena Yahontova


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Recently, I found myself browsing the aisles at my local library searching for my next late night getaway story. Even in today’s digital literary culture, I still love the feel of a book (or magazine!) in my hands and the smell of the turning pages as my imagination blooms. It suddenly had me thinking about the way my own magazine has evolved over time.

When Natural Awakenings launched in the late 90’s we were a print magazine. Then in the past decade, we launched our digital magazine in conjunction with our print magazine. Now we are thrilled to bring you the Natural Awakenings App for iPhones/iPads and mobile smart devices, along with the new web store. There is truly a shift in the way we share our valuable information. Whatever your literary choice, I hope you enjoy Natural Awakenings Magazine and that it takes your mind to new horizons.

For an extra brain boost this month we’ve focused on how to achieve a healthy mind. Check out the article “How a Brain Grows” on page 21 and give your kids a healthy start. We also explore some fun new fitness classes in the article “Finding Fitness Bliss” on page 27. Whether you can or can’t dance, you can sure have fun trying with new classes like Nia or The Groove MethodTM or perhaps Piloxing (a cross between Pilates and boxing) will stir up your routine.

BuckleyIn this month’s Healing Ways department starting on page 14, experts discuss tips for conflict resolution and stress management. We’ve also interviewed local professionals who offer advice and help in turning conflict into opportunities for a more productive path. Fairbanks Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center introduce us to Jack and Buckley, therapy dogs, used to help teach adolescents how to remain calm in tense situations.

Last but certainly not least, we are approaching Valentine’s Day and this issue wouldn’t be complete without a mention of relationships on page 31. The ancient Japanese art form of Wabi Sabi discovers grace in things modest, humble and unconventional.

May the pages ahead expand your mind and open your heart so that you may receive all that is intended for you in magnificent abundance.

Thoughtfully yours,

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