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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Experience Oops! Journeys: at Mother Nature’s Sun


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Imagine a journey, if only for an hour, to a higher elevation and vibration of yourself, to experience a spectrum of vibrational modalities that recalibrate your energy frequencies and lead you to pure dimensions of your well-being, dissolving your mind chatter and truly expanding your heart.

Wendy Morrison, owner of Mother Nature’s Sun, in Broad Ripple, plus Iva Nasr, both seasoned professionals with years of experience, unite with a strong passion to provide transformational modalities that comprise Oops! (Out of Pure Science and Sound)® at a special rate in February plus offer Group Oops! Experiences at the center so as many as possible can shift into higher fields of awareness and experience this magic for themselves.

Quantum Entrainment, Sound therapy, Crystal energy, and Channeled messages are but  some of the many pieces of this playground of color, sound, and quantum leaps that you may experience in Oops! 

Sharing the modality of integrity, expertise, and Oops! playfulness is precisely timed with the shifts in consciousness: the intense and extraordinary changes that are happening now in each of us, our human family, and our planet.

Location: 6156 Ferguson St. For more information or to make an appointment, call Morrison at 317-253-5683 (LOVE), visit or email [email protected].
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