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Did Someone Say....Cheese: Local Cheese from Traders Point Creamery

Milk from grass-fed, pastured cows contains a higher level of omega-3 fatty acids than milk from confined, grain-fed cows, according to Jo Robinson, New York Times Bestselling author of Pasture Perfect. When grass-fed cows are allowed to graze on open pasture, they produce milk with higher levels of another beneficial fatty acid called conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).  

Dr. Fritz Kunz, the owner of Trader’s Point Creamery in Zionsville, IN, is so convinced of the benefits of grass fed cow’s milk that he insists upon a diet of 100% organic grass for his cows. “When animals are raised on pasture and eat the rich greens, they acquire nutrients that are important to human health: omega-3, fatty acids, conjugated linoleic acids (CLA), beta-carotene and vitamins A and D.

The health benefits do not end with the milk- they extend to the cheese itself. “Healthy, tasty cheeses are easy to craft with such great milk,” said Trader’s Point’s head cheese-maker Lindsay Klaunig. She says, the quality of the milk allows a rich palate of flavors to come through in the farm’s assortment of artisan cheeses, which range from the sophisticated Fleur de la Terre to the rustic, beer-washed Brick Street Tomme.

Boone County Bloomy
A soft-ripened cheese with an ash rind. Similar to Camembert or Brie. This darling little crottin has a dense, cheesecake texture and bright lemony flavor, mild & creamy when young, developing mushroomy flavor with age.
Aged 2-6 weeks.


Brick Street Tomme
A classic, semi-firm French farmstead cheese washed in Sun King’s Wee Mac beer. Delightfully rustic with a margin of silky ripeness just beneath the rind, lending earthy notes to the tart, crumbly center.
Aged 2-4 months.



This raw milk Greek-style feta is a pungent surprise to the those accustomed to mild grocery store feta. It is aged in a brine made from whey, allowing us to use minimal salt and creates conditions for full flavor development.
Aged 2-4 months.


Fleur de la Terre
Our award-winning Fleur de la Terre is a classic farmstead Gouda. The gentle aging of this cheese results in a creamy yet firm texture that carries hints of the sweet herbs and grasses that grow on our rich bottom land. Mild and buttery with a pleasingly tangy after bite.
Aged 4-10 months.


Traders Point Farm Organics & Creamery is a family-owned artisan creamery and dairy farm located in Zionsville, Indiana. They may be reached at 317-733-1700 or online at Visitors are welcome to observe creamery production and cow milking.
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