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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Quality Mattress Approved: by Wellness Professional, Available Locally


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Masters Sleep’s high-quality sleep mattresses are available locally through Dr. Mary Grace Pennella of Stillpoint Chiropractic. Pressure-relieving memory foam plus visco-latex atop a high-density poly base foam layer create a sequential body conforming process that has been tested to provide support.

This breathable orthopedic foam material has a dense composition to properly support the head, neck and spine. The mattresses are available in four sizes, have all-natural odor control and moisture absorption, natural antibiotic and antimicrobial properties. The BioFoam is a natural, renewable alternative to synthetic foams. Mattresses come with a 20-year limited warranty as well as a Comfort Promise to help protect the investment.
“This is a great mattress to fully support the head, neck and spine and the cost is fabulous!” says Dr. Pennella.

Product prices: From $499 to $1,399. For more information, visit or call Dr. Pennella at 317-863-0365 or visit
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