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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher: I used to be a multi-tasker

Apr 30, 2012 06:26PM ● By Nancy Caniff

photo by Yelena Yahontova

Here we are with two years of monthly magazines behind us already! I remember the feeling of eager anticipation as I was getting my office established, making lists, checking files, organizing, organizing and more organizing. At that time, sleep was still a regular part of my life as well as daily exercise, brainstorming, trying new recipes, reading books, writing articles, blogs and journaling, and long, lazy weekends. Somehow between then and now, most of those activities have become luxuries that I am no longer able to afford. But that’s where I want to change my thinking, my intentions and most definitely my actions - starting today!

While it’s true that I’ve elected to run multiple businesses and add the care and feeding of a cat and a new puppy into the mix along with a fiancé and child, I must be ever cognizant of the fact that I need my own time and space to spoil myself, care for my body, satisfy my endlessly curious mind and nourish my soul. So here goes: “Hi! My name is Nancy and I used to be a multi-tasker. This is my story.”

My lists had lists,
My chores incomplete,
I stay up all night ‘cause there’s no time to sleep
There’s Work to be done,
Local business to grow
and soon after EcoFest, another trade show;
But wait – oh hey, my knees how they ache,
My skin has dulled
And my body misshaped.
I’m ready for balance, hot baths and naps too;
Natural care from the experts, now I’m feeling my groove.
There’s Deepak and Eckankar running round in my head
I’m discovering new books just begging to be read;
A juicer and raw foods, Yes! that does the trick
I’m well on my way to avoiding The Sick!
Some yoga and flexion, a real fitness master;
I’m no longer willing to be a multi-tasker!

May is women’s health month. Do yourself a favor and take time out to see local healthcare experts, join a fitness class, read a book or go to a spiritual center. Today is the first day of the rest of your life. Make it count.

Thank you to this incredible community of readers, business owners and supporters for embracing the ideas and concepts we’ve covered in the magazine and for sharing it with your friends and loved ones. We couldn’t have made it this far without you. I’m looking forward to the future of Natural Awakenings of Indy, one day at a time.

 In Peace & Harmony,

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