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Community Acupuncture: Makes Natural Healing More Affordable

May 01, 2012 09:30AM ● By Nancy Caniff

While acupuncture has been offered in a group setting for thousands of years in Asia, the American trend has been to treat patients individually. Interest in community acupuncture has been building and one team of Indianapolis area-practitioners find that by offering group treatments they are able to charge less money and see more patients in a day.

With community acupuncture, the practitioner briefly consults with each patient and then lets him or her rest in reclining chairs in a relaxing room with up to 5 other people. Erica Siegel, an acupuncturist and founder of Indy Acupuncture and Health Services and Indy Downtown Community Acupuncture in Indianapolis, says that seeing others at ease and healing actually reduces anxiety, allowing patients to respond to treatments more quickly. She says she finds the treatments to be so effective that patients often feel immediate relief.

One attraction of this model is the price. Instead of $75 and up for a typical private session, most community treatments run from $20 to $50 sliding scale. Acupuncture treatments have a cumulative effect so it’s useful to repeat the treatment several times per week for a month or so. Community style acupuncture makes repeat treatments more accessible.

Siegel and her team offer both one-on-one and group sessions. With community acupuncture, to protect modesty, patients remain fully dressed and points used are typically below the elbow and the knee and sometimes the ears. Since the treatment works with the natural energy that flows through the body, acupuncture needles need not be in the exact location of distress. For example, shoulder pain may be treated with points on the lower leg. 

Among Siegel’s team are Tim Moriarty, Greg Golden and Gloria Lawson. Golden focuses on the connection between emotional and physical pathologies working to eliminate fatigue, depression and anxiety in conjunction with a physical condition such as chronic pain or digestive issues. Golden says “acupuncture does not focus on one symptom at a time but rather the whole person from top to bottom. Once an individual is assessed, the treatment administered re-balances him holistically. It is like hitting a master reset switch that reminds the body of its own natural healing ability. This tends to provide multiple levels of healing as well as multiple areas of symptom relief.”

Ear acupuncture is used for addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and weight control. Both Golden and Lawson are acudetox specialists, trained by the National Acupuncture Detoxification Association. The ear acupuncture protocol that NADA teaches has been used to treat addiction, anxiety, depression, PTSD and weight control. Lawson says she is always pleased and grateful to see the healing results of just a few needles placed in the ear.

According to Siegel, “the biggest benefit is getting in touch with your body, becoming friends with everything in your skin and loving being in this world while being human.”

Indy Downtown Community Acupuncture (IDCA) is located at the Southeast corner of 16th and Pennsylvania in Indianapolis. Call 317- 423-9999 or schedule online at Indy Acupuncture is located in Broad Ripple Village. Call today for a free 10 minute phone consultation. 317-255-3030.
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