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Planet Soul: Products with a Purpose

May 31, 2012 08:30PM ● By Beth Davis

What if we could change the world in a single moment? Rhonda Wundrum not only thinks it’s possible, but she’s on a mission to make believers out of all of us. Three years ago, she launched Planet Soul, a clothing and accessories company whose mission is to unify the world through kindness, respect and service rooted in the powerful belief that we are one.

She says she was inspired by the need for people to see how simple it is to make life easier for someone. “Whether it’s a smile, a kind word, letting someone out in traffic or simply giving a person a genuine compliment—all of these small acts have the ability to change someone’s world in the moment they occur. Plus, it creates a ripple in the water, one person at a time.”

Planet Soul’s products remind wearers of the company’s mission. Bracelets, pendants, leather cuffs, hats, shirts, coins and more bear the words WE ARE ONE or UNIFY in cool, graphic designs. The UNIFY symbol is available as a window decal that many area businesses display as a way of showing patrons that they too are committed to acting with kindness, respect and service toward its customers.

“Having a recognizable symbol that represents what we are trying to do is a great way to bring our mission to the forefront,” explains Wundrum. “We hope the symbol acts as a subtle reminder to break through our typical thought pattern. Our ultimate goal is to see the UNIFY symbol everywhere.”

Wundrum first recognized how small acts of kindness could impact one’s life as a college student struggling to make ends meet. Working as a waitress, she knew how impactful even an extra tip could be. “It seems that whenever I was really struggling, I would be given something at just the right time. I wanted to be able to do that for others.”

By committing to these small acts of goodwill, Wundrum—and her team—believe we can change the world, and by wearing Planet Soul merchandise, we are starting the wheels of change in motion. Those who purchase can also appreciate that a portion of the proceeds from product sales are allocated—through the company’s Pay It Forward program—to various charitable organizations each quarter. It is simply another example of the company’s desire to give back.

“At our core, our hearts are all the same,” says Wundrum. “So, why not make an effort? It doesn’t take much time or even a lot of money. If you’re just courteous and lead with kindness it really can change the lives of others.”
Wundrum and her team look forward to growing, expanding and creating a global platform for the spread of their important message. Though seeing some of the cruelness that can happen in the world is disheartening, she says remembers that love always conquers hate. “I think about that and I’m inspired. It gives me hope and sparks something bigger.”

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