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Creative Expression: Will Mark Festival 2012 at Rainbow Farm

Rainbow Farm, home of Oakwood Retreat Center in Selma, Indiana, is offering a space for friends to gather and share in the beauty and joy of life with many of the activities being spontaneous and unique to the people that are present at any particular day and time. Festival  2012will be held from August 13 to 19. You are invited to attend for any length of time – an evening, a day or two or the entire week.

The essence of the event is to inspire whoever feels compelled to lead, present, contribute or offer something that expresses the creative urge within to do so  the things we love to do and share with our friends while also making new friends. This could take the form of leading an experiential session or spiritual practice, speaking on a particular theme or subject, sharing and demonstrating an art or talent, performing music, dance or ceremony or anything else that would convey the spirit of your Love.

The Festival Joy Board of activities may include but are not limited to: Music – Vocal/Instrumental/Chant/Drum and Song Circles; Good Wholesome Food – Growing it/Preparing it/Eating it!; Here we are and it’s 2012! Where are we going from here?; Truth and Reconciliation with the plants, animals and peoples of the world, the water, the air, the land – and all beings of which we have been unconscious; Cloud watching/Star gazing/Sunrise salutations and Sunset sanctifications; Peak of Perseid Meteorite Shower/New Moon August 17; Meditation/Prayer/Yoga/Watsu/Re-wilding/Geomancy; Veil painting/Dance/Storytelling/Poetry/A Celebration of Trees; Attunement/Vibration/Sound/Color; Bonfires/Films/Vinyl Party/Groovin’ with the Fire Flies; and Hangin’ Out/Chillin’ Out/Take a dip in the pool.

Mostly local and organic meals will be offered at 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. each day. Overnight accommodations are also available.

No set cost for meals or overnight accommodations; contribute what you discern is right for you. To register, email Ted Blodgett at [email protected] the dates you want to attend. Location: 3801 SCR 575 E. Selma, IN 47387.  For more information, call 765-747-7027 or visit
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