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Free Children’s Health Seminar: in Carmel at Morter Health Center

Many parents may wonder why their children get sick and what they can do to try to keep them healthy. Dr. Loriann Laugle, a family chiropractor at Morter Health Center, will share natural alternatives for conditions frequently experienced in childhood including colic, asthma, common cold, fever, ear infection, bedwetting and much more at a free seminar at 7 p.m. on September 5 at the facility’s Carmel practice.

The information will empower parents to consider and make conscious, sustainable and holistic decisions about their family’s health and well-being; how not to fear their child’s condition but to deal with it through natural methods; and to learn to trust the body’s inner ability to completely heal, filter and cleanse so that it can express health.

An advocate for holistic, conscious living, she supports natural pregnancy and childbirth through chiropractic care. Devoted to the beauty and power of life, she is passionate about supporting her patients as they create an empowered, sustainable, joyful life experience. She seeks to inspire families and pregnant mothers to consider and make intentional choices in alignment with nature.

Morter Health Center focuses on identifying and removing the many inner causes of discomfort and disease, thereby supporting the body in a continual process of wellness and self-healing. It also works closely with individuals not necessarily in physical pain, but that are seeking to further their understanding of the conscious role they can play in creating the sustainable fulfillment of their personal goals and desires.

The practice offers customized treatment plans, meditation classes, nutritional supplementation, detox programs, weekly introductory and continuing education classes, life- and health-enhancing CDs and DVDs and more.

Location: 10439 Commerce Dr., Ste.140. For more information and to RSVP for the event, which is suggested, call 317-872-9300, email [email protected] or visit
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