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Letter from Publisher: Family

photo by Yelena Yahontova

This month the focus is on our healthy kids. I happen to come from a HUGE extended family who are spread out all over this big world. In fact, my beautiful Aunt Marilyn just celebrated the birth of her 20th Great Grandchild in her 7th decade on earth! And for that new little one, this is the beginning: joining a unit of people living together as family.

And, with this beginning, early lessons can become lifelong habits that are powerful differentiators for positive emotional and physical health. The affirmative effects of leading by example towards a healthful diet and regular exercise are irrefutable. You just have to make the commitment. Decide to invest your time and energy into the family.

Since I have recently been surrounded by many of my immediate family members, I persuaded my dynamic 15-year old niece Kayla to tell me what she does to stay active, fit and healthy. And even though it is summertime and she’s not required to do any thinking, she composed a thoughtful response:

“I believe that for a person to have a long and happy life, you have to stay healthy. As everyone knows, being healthy doesn’t just happen. You have to treat your body right in order to be in good shape.

While I think that I do manage to eat better than most of my teenage counterparts, I must confess a deep rooted love for sugary snacks, especially chocolate! So, how do I manage to balance my love of treats with my desire to stay fit? Simple. By doing the things I love.

During the summer, I practically live in the pool. Turning somersaults and diving through the water, I have a blast “exercising” if you want to call it that. When there is no scorching summer heat, I often go running, biking, and even hiking through the forest in search of beautiful things, which I love to photograph. And don’t even get me started on sports! Being healthy and active isn’t hard... in fact, it’s really fun!”

While I’m certain I won’t be able to convince her to try a spinach and carrot juice with me, I can support her love for the outdoors and her hobbies (and maybe sneak some raw cacao into her trail mix). This month, I’m pleased to announce that you can see some of her photographs throughout the pages of this magazine.

Speaking of art, Natural Awakenings is now taking submissions from you for an upcoming cover! Read all about it on page 6 and then gather your photo’s and prints and prepare to upload.

A family has an unlimited opportunity and ability to support each other with infinite encouragement, a powerful fuel for success. Respect and inspire your loved ones. This is another important investment of time in your family unit. Commit now to support your family positively. Your investment will reap unimaginable dividends of health and happiness.

With Love and Admiration for the Whole Family Unit
(and a special thank you to Kayla),


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