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Letter from Publisher

Aug 31, 2012 10:52PM ● By Nancy Caniff

We are all born curious and creative beings. So it’s strange that many of us do not recognize this facet of ourselves as we grow up. We become older and more experienced in many ways without seeing how we creatively stretch ourselves simply in managing everyday life.

We all know the saying that curiosity killed the cat, but maybe it’s what gave him nine lives, as well. Just as children need creative playtime to develop any number of skills, exercising our innate imagination and inventiveness throughout life is vital to our health and wellbeing.

From earliest recorded history, humans have come together in community to share artful activities as avenues of expression, celebration and release. Instruments, rhythms and dance steps may be more complex today, but the appeal of music and movement is universal. The same principle applies across the board. Appreciating art is as essential as performing it.

It is not surprising that Judith Fertig reports in our feature article this month, “Exploring Our Creative Side,” how people all over the United States find themselves joyfully participating in community arts programs. Those she interviewed attest how engaging in such programs gives them the creative outlets that help them thrive. They have found fun, personal growth, wellness and community.  

We were also blessed this month with new cover art from a budding young artist discovered at Art With A Heart organization. Please read more about Emily, our cover artist on page 12, and about this group on page 6 and how you can become involved in supporting the local arts.

We hope the stories shared in these pages will inspire you to try something new, maybe a drumming circle, garage band, dance event, or Kirtan concert at a local yoga studio. This city has something special to support everyone’s muse.

Let’s all let our curiosity out of the box a bit more this month and see what new inspirations we find.  We invite you now to turn the page and get happy.

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