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Ailanto Health Beyond Medicine: Changes Name to Spahr Center

Dr. Roger Spahr has built a strong reputation for helping clients lead lives filled with health and vitality by treating them as whole beings rather than a mere collection of symptoms. Now, he has changed the name of his functional medicine practice from Ailanto Health Beyond Medicine to the Spahr Center, conveniently located on the north side of Indianapolis, and is offering readers that mention this news brief in September or October a 25 percent discount off their first visit.

Dr. Spahr’s approach uncovers and treats underlying causes and imbalances that keep patients from enjoying optimal health plus helps maintain primary health through prevention. With a full range of treatment options available, including chiropractic care, massage, nutritional management and much more, each patient is regarded as an individual with a distinct makeup, the basis for all care.

Restoring hormone balances can be a key factor in restoring health and vitality. One particular treatment involves using bioidentical hormones. Dr. Spahr considers these genetic matches to naturally occurring hormones far safer than other widely used hormone substitutes, and his treatment delivery method minimizes patient effort and unnecessary side effects. Assessments that reveal nutritional, digestive, immune and other system imbalances, plus methods for righting them through nutrient replacement, supplements and healthy lifestyle practices, play an equally important role in Spahr Center treatments.

Anyone looking for a unique health center that offers individuality, wholeness and total well-being as central philosophies can call upon Dr. Spahr. By going beyond disease treatment into full patient care, the center helps the people of our area live life to the fullest.

Location: For more information or to make an appointment, call 317-708-3939, email [email protected] or visit
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