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Peace, Love, and Dogs! : Feeding Our Furry Family Members a Proper Diet

Sep 28, 2012 04:30PM ● By Wendell Fowler

Really; does your loyal dog care that Gravy Train makes its own gravy? Do you consider it amusing to toss your canine M&M’s? The insipid gravy is to attract your dollars plus, chocolate’s toxic to dogs!  Evolve, scrutinize labels, and upgrade your pooch’s meals.

We fed our Lab Reggie like royalty, but she crossed over Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly this summer from brain tumor complications. My inconsolable heart aches and I’m dehydrated from weeping; the blood of my soul. Frolic in sweet, blissful Stardust my treasured Reggie; sob, our energies will vibrate and entwine again. As tribute, allow me to share ways you can show love to your buddy while you can still rub their favorite spot as they gratefully lick your hand.  

Enrich their vittles with nourishment they would innately eat in the wild, not corn, wheat, soy and shadowy animal by-products. No one ‘watch dogs’ the pet food industry, so you can imagine what slop they add. In the past six months, the FDA fielded over 530 complaints from pet owners claiming their dogs suffered illness or death after eating jerky treats from China, officials tell ABC News. The FDA issued three separate warnings about Chinese jerky treats in the past four years, advising owners to watch the dogs closely for signs of illness. China?

Never feed them dairy, chocolate, coffee grounds, grapes, raisins, nutmeg, baking powder/soda, avocado, smoked meats, Jerky treats from China, bacon, hotdogs, or sugary foods. Today’s doggie junk food is stepped-on with corn, wheat, soy, other dead animal offal, food colorings, and preservatives. Corn is not easily digestible unless it’s refined into a meal or flour then cooked. Grain is hard for dogs to digest. Seek organic, grain-free, or make your own.

A high-protein diet can’t be overstated. Carnivorous Doggies biology were created to digest protein. Feeding your beloved dog properly is hugely important to their well-being, life span, and overall health. Fido should have a healthy, shiny coat and a high energy level and you should be able to feel their ribs through the skin.

Augment Spot’s meals by adding boxed meat stock to their meals. Ground Flax seed brims with Omega-3 fatty acids, critical for skin and coat health and prevents dry, itchy skin and hot spots. Fish oil or sardines are brilliant heart disease prevention. Consult your vet regarding fish oil dosage.  Occasionally add a cooked egg white, chopped wheat grass, peas, green beans, cooked sweet potato, or grated apples and carrot. Dogs supplemented with vitamins, probiotics and enzymes live tail-wagging, long and healthy lives.

Wendell Fowler is a vegan chef, award-winning syndicated food writer and columnist, cookbook author, motivational speaker, and entertainer.  [email protected].
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