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Sadhguru: to Make First-Ever Visit to Indy

Plant even one tree and you can measurably combat global warming, prevent soil erosion, preserve water and rainfall, and build soil. After a record-setting planting of 857,000 saplings in 2006, Project Greenhands, founded by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, has now planted millions of trees in southern India. Its goal is planting 114 million trees in 10 years, thereby increasing green cover of the region by 10 percent. Learn more about his approach to life and living when Sadhguru makes his first-ever visit to Indianapolis in a free presentation at 6 p.m. on October 10 at the All Souls Unitarian Church.  

Sadhguru, who also founded the Isha Foundation, says “[Earth] is a limited planet. We can use it to a certain extent … If there is no compensatory activity on the same scale as we exploit whatever we use on this planet, then we have a recipe for disaster.”  

The world-renowned yogi, visionary and mystic, widely recognized for his profound understanding of social, political and economic issues, has spoken at the United Nations, the British House of Lords, the World Economic Forum, Dartmouth University and the World President’s Organization. His interviews and articles have been featured on BBC, Bloomberg News, CNBC, CNN and in The New York Times. He teaches practical and contemporary technologies for well-being in the world today.

Location: 5805 E. 56th St. Pre-registration required at For more information, call the Isha Foundation at 317-324-8686.
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