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IOGA to Speak: on Permaculture, Other Gardening Tips

Learn about permaculture and gain other gardening tips at a presentation by Kay Grimm to the Indiana Organic Gardeners Association at 10:45 a.m. on October 20 at Fruit Loop Acres, a full-circle orchard in a three-quarter-acre nature preserve on five contiguous city lots in downtown Indianapolis. Grimm will speak to IOGA and the public about permaculture—which creates stable, productive systems that provide for human needs in harmonious integration with the land—plus on beekeeping, seed saving and rain collection. Visitors will tour a downtown urban orchard and learn from one of the most prominent local gardeners, and ask questions about their own gardens to members who have been gardening for decades.

Organic growing of natural, uncontaminated foods is an alternative to the toxic chemicals used in agriculture, gardening and lawn care and helps protect the Earth’s resources including soils, rivers and lakes that are harmed by the use of chemical pesticides and herbicides, and the misuse of precious water. The methods help build the structure of the soil and use nontoxic, ecologically sound methods of pest, disease and weed control. Other techniques include composting, organic fertilizers, mulching, planting green manure cover crops, companion planting and creating an environment that attracts natural insect predators.

IOGA is composed of backyard and market gardeners that use ecologically savvy methods to grow safe food and beautiful flowers, trees and shrubs. It meets quarterly for a homemade pitch-in lunch, Q&A session and tips, guest speakers and a farm tour. Guests are always welcome and can come to the first meeting for free. Yearly memberships are $10 for an individual and $12 for a couple. A quarterly newsletter is sent to all members.

Location: 341 N. Hamilton Ave. For more information, call 317-459-5030 or visit
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