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Letter from Publisher

Nov 01, 2012 12:19PM ● By Nancy Caniff

November is the perfect time to reflect and give thanks for all that we have as individuals, as families, as social networks (work and friends), as a country and as a race of humans sharing this time and space. I’m fascinated by the perspectives, thoughts, dreams, plans, and opinions of others. Time marches on. We change. We grow. One season, one generation blends into the next and soon, as in my case, 40 years have tumbled by.

Time was moving so fast and one day I would wake up at 80 years old, look back at my life and wonder why I didn’t do more of what I wanted to do rather than what I needed to do just to pay the bills.
I had a plan (buying this magazine franchise) and I had a high desire to follow my passion, to put myself out there away from my comfort zone, to stretch and grow and to my advantage, I had an abundance of family support.

So two and a half years later, we find ourselves contemplating this month’s theme, “Passion and Purpose.” Granted, you don’t have to change your job or direction in life to live with passion and purpose. Many people find themselves fulfilled and comfortable with a stable job that meets their needs and allows them, in their free time, to pursue the dreams, goals and commitments that come from living a heart-centered life.

“Don’t limit yourself to one purpose, such as a job. Decide who you want to be rather than focus on what you are doing or want to do.” This suggestion comes from our feature article on finding your passion and purpose.

Many people ask how they can find their purpose. It seems as if it should be obvious, but there is so much that goes into living a purposeful life. All manner of books, magazine articles and blog posts have proposed various methods of groundwork that people can do to discover exactly what their dreams are. In this month’s issue you’ll find our feature article, “Fashion a Passion Driven Life: Realize Your Purpose and Feed Your Soul.” which offers guidance, suggestions, tips and assurances that each of us has a purpose.

I read a blog post recently, which taught the use of writing prompts and journaling as a way of self-discovery. One of the things I took away was to recognize and honor defining moments. These don’t have to be profound, although they can be. Mostly they are memories of feeling alive, intense awareness, possibly connecting with another or having an epiphany on our own. Sometimes, we don’t even realize a moment is a defining moment when it happens. Instead, in the future we look back and are profoundly aware of what happened. Something touched the core of our being and we didn’t even know it at the time.

Whatever way you decide to find and honor your inner purpose, may you be blessed with teachers who show up at the right moment, with signs and arrows pointing you to the way you already know intuitively that you should be traveling, restful and rejuvenating stops along the path and, in moments of doubt and confusion, a stoic heart to give you strength.

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