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Kramer Suite Opens: at Humane Society of Indianapolis

by Lisa Greil Photography

The Humane Society of Indianapolis opened the new Kramer Suite, a free-roaming cat room with access to a safe, enclosed outdoor environment, on November 19. The unique adoption space for felines was made possible thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Kramer.

After taking a tour of IndyHumane, Mrs. Kramer decided she wanted to help further. She particularly enjoyed the McFadden Free-Roaming Cat Room and thought it would be even better if more cats could be housed in such a room with access to a safe, enclosed outside space. With the addition, half of IndyHumane’s cats in the main cat room are now free-roaming. The remaining group-housing cat corrals now have picture windows so sunshine flows freely through the room.

“When cared for properly, cats in free-roaming rooms benefit from reduced stress and illness,” says Chief Operations Officer Christine Jeschke. “Fewer than 10 adoptable cats will [now] spend time in cages during their stay at the shelter. We’re thrilled we can provide so many free-roaming spaces for our animals. Allowing cats to wander safely outside to enjoy fresh air makes IndyHumane one of the most unique shelters in the region.”

Cats housed in this type of close environment also get used to one another, important if one considers adopting multiple cats, as Mrs. Kramer recently did.

“After visiting IndyHumane, I wanted to do more,” Mrs. Kramer says. “When I toured the facility, it was evident to me that free-roaming cat rooms provide a relaxing environment for shelter cats, allowing them to de-stress and enjoy the comforts every animal deserves. My hope is that the new suite will be a place closer to home for them while they are on their way to forever homes.”

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