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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher: Happy Holidays

Dec 03, 2012 03:08PM ● By Nancy Caniff

In many kitchens this time of year, cookbooks are dusted off, recipe boxes opened and once-a-year treats and meals are lovingly prepared. We want to share a recipe created by some folks we met at a recent charity event. The ingredients comprise 3,200 turkeys, 160 gallons of gravy, 4,000 pounds of stuffing, 5,000 pounds of mashed potatoes, 8,600 pounds of vegetables and 1,800 pies.

Several community members came together and prepared this large-scale meal to feed hungry, homeless and lonely people. There was plenty of food to go around, and the unselfish kindness of a few benefitted many. As the organizers reflected upon the magnitude of their efforts, one staff member expressed, “We just planned for one meal and then repeated it 3,200 times.”

This month’s theme of Awakening Humanity features the story, “It’s All About We: Conscious Evolution: Why We’re Better Together.” We can accomplish anything as a community, a nation and a world when we have our neighbors’ best interest at heart.

The “Me to We” movement has been spreading, and we recently witnessed examples of this in the wake of superstorm Sandy. Natural Awakenings is a family of nearly 90 publishers, turning out magazines for local communities all across the country. While here in Indianapolis we were grateful to be following the storm from afar, several of our publishing family members were directly in the path of the storm and experienced devastating loss and damage.

Kelly Martinsen, publisher of the Long Island edition and a resident of Long Beach, New York, lost much personally, but joined the corps of volunteers that is helping families and businesses dig out of the ruins of their once-beautiful beach town. In turn, her magazine’s advertisers and neighboring publishers reached out to share office space and homes and give other heartfelt help to keep her own business afloat. “While I have lost much, I feel blessed to have lived through this event,” says Martinsen. “I was able to experience the wonderful nature of people helping people in the days after the storm.”

Tina Woods, publisher of Natural Awakenings’ New York City edition, changed the role of her delivery truck from distributing magazines to carrying food to residents and volunteers assisting Gerritsen Beach neighborhoods, in Brooklyn. She also participated in recovery work along the Jersey Shore and collaborated with her advertisers to raise $1,000 for relief efforts.

With my time split between Indianapolis and my hometown of Gainesville, FL in helping my aging parents, I’ve also been exposed to the needs of the elderly, the homeless and the hungry in multiple communities. Let’s work together to help one another. Donate canned goods, a turkey or chicken to a local food drive. Drop a pack of new socks into a donation bin to help someone stay warm. Give your time to a local senior center. We can work together to fight hunger and feed our community, clothe the homeless and lessen loneliness this holiday season. Come together this month to make a difference, for no other reason than it’s just more fun to work together!

Happy Holidays to Ya!

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