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Letter from Publisher

Feb 01, 2013 07:18PM ● By Nancy Caniff

“Life doesn’t get better by going faster.”


Our bodies have this intrinsic awareness about what is best for us - speed bumps mean slow down; stop means stop. It’s paying attention to those delicate details that cue us in to what we need. And then, there’s my way of doing things. I was hustling through my day, stumbled, and after what felt like eternity of trying to catch myself I gave in as my thoughts turned to “we’re going doooown”. The shock of falling was so surreal that I just sat there with my papers flying about and my reading glasses several yards away as I looked around and wondered what just happened! I felt the sting on my knee, saw the hole in my pants and that’s when the real pain came through, not just the bruised ego. Ouch. While I admit to being largely intuitive into my own life, I never saw this coming.  What lay before me was a small whitewashed hump extending the very length of the parking area. Yep, a Speed Bump.

During my recovery, I took some time to contemplate exactly how I wanted to shape this phase of my life (since the message was clear that it needed a change) including more focus on relationships, appreciating and spending time with my sweet nieces and nephews before they leave home, and way more hugs and laughs with my honey.

Busy bee Americans today live in such a generally stressed society that many do not realize that they consistently exist at “fight or flight” hormone levels. The good news is that more people are becoming aware of highly doable actions we can take to alleviate stress.

For one example, clinical evidence cited by our feature article participants, in “Bodywork Goes Mainstream,” shows that massage and bodywork, once considered to be a luxury or special treat, can help us to reduce stress,  heal and feel in better balance. It can be an important source of that needed human touch. Our Bodywork Guide is a good place to start in choosing a type of bodywork appropriate for you. It sure worked for me.

Be sure to share some face-to-face time with those you love this month and throughout the year. We need not wait until Valentine’s Day to celebrate those that are special to us. People thrive knowing they are loved every day.

Check your engines, check your lights, and keep your eyes on the road for new, healthy sights.

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