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New Compost and Garden Systems Available: from GreenWithIndy

Green with Indy is a homegrown effort to promote the Circle of Life of Food. From the compost pile, to the garden, to the table, and back again, Green with Indy aims to contribute to the health and wellness of the greater Indianapolis community through a variety of initiatives, including MyComposter! and MyVeggieGardener!

MyComposter! is Indy’s first commercial and residential food waste composting service. It’s designed for small-batch composting service for small commercial food service operations, restaurants and residences. For a fee, Green with Indy will provide customers with the bins and liners needed for composting. Once they have filled the bins with food waste, GWI will pick up the materials and bring them to a composting site. Once the process is complete, the compost rendered is used as a natural fertilizer in home and community gardens.

MyVeggieGardener! is Green with Indy’s service that plants and maintains residential and/or community gardens. For a reasonable fee, Green with Indy will plant gardens that provide families and communities with fresh, organically grown vegetables. MyVeggieGardener! designs basic raised-bed organic gardens and French Potager gardens using natural compost as fertilizer. These ready-to-eat vegetables are available at the peak of ripeness and are grown without pesticides or herbicides.

Mention this brief when registering for either MyComposter! or MyVeggieGardener! services, and all Natural Awakening readers will receive 10% off of the registration fee. For more information, email [email protected] or visit and subscribe to the newsletter.
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