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Letter From Publisher

Jul 03, 2013 09:08PM ● By Teona Wright

Welcome to summertime’s abundance of all things outdoors in Indy—sunshine, fresh local produce, lawn concerts and just plain fun. The long days are ripe with opportunities for everything from backyard sports and picnics to fireworks and fireflies.

I’ve dubbed this month our “Foodie Issue” in the largest sense of the word, embracing how we nourish mind, body and spirit. True confession time… I’m something of a foodie myself, so it was a challenge when our family faced health issues several years ago that required us to completely change the way we eat.

While it’s true that most Americans have a history of eating foods that we suspect or know aren’t good for us, we fail to anticipate how a poor diet of processed foods can harm us. My rule of thumb now is to choose foods that have been touched by the sun; it’s a good way to identify the best sources of nutrients, energy and healing.

In “Health Rules,” writer Judith Fertig explores the Crazy Sexy Wellness Revolution led by Kris Carr, featured on this month’s cover. The plant-passionate cookbook author is a driving force in bringing education, inspiration and better health into people’s lives. Summer is a perfect season for adding more vegetarian options to our menus. I can’t wait to try her recipes.

One of the biggest surprises in switching to a more natural and veggie-laden diet free of major allergens is how much better the foods taste. Yes, it’s possible to be a healthy foodie! These days our family cooks more meals at home from scratch, but we also enjoy patronizing the many restaurants and markets in our area that cater to folks looking for healthy options.

My co-publisher, Kim, and I recently visited a new restaurant at The Sanctuary in Zionsville called Colours. It’s artist Nancy Noël’s newest creation. We enjoyed a lovely lunch with the owner, accompanied by writer Tammy LeRoy, and every aspect of the experience had us smiling—from amazing dishes layered with fresh, surprising flavors to the emotionally moving artwork surrounding us. Read more in LeRoy’s article, “Fresh-from-Earth Fare Meets Heavenly Art,” on page 16.

Our family likes to hear how readers are moving to make healthy habits an everyday norm. This time of year it’s a bit easier with outdoor activities, family festivals and farmers’ markets. Let us know your “go to” places and “love to do” activities for accessing the abundance of goodness our area offers. What spots do you tell your friends about? Each month, we’ll share a few of your ideas and suggestions, and do our best to try them out. Won’t you join us?

To summer’s simple pleasures,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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