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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Oct 01, 2013 10:47PM ● By Teona Wright

With excitement tempered by a dose of reality, we welcome you to Natural Awakenings’ special October Environment issue. It is filled with events, information and opportunities for you to positively impact our community and the world around us. Articles cover everything from the sobering state of the environment to the inspiring steps taken by a local auto dealership to build a LEED certified, zero-landfill facility.

In selecting a cover graphic to call attention to Christine MacDonald’s feature article on climate change, “Easing Earth’s Rising Fever,” and what Americans can do about it, we discovered an image that reminded us of our city. With Indianapolis’ bicycling, electric car-sharing service, urban gardening, recycling and growing green business initiatives, we are making great strides toward gaining recognition as a city that takes the idea of sustainability seriously.

The cover recalls too, my own fond memories of the Highlights magazine Hidden Puzzles I enjoyed as a youth. A seek-and-find quest is a fun challenge for just about everyone. How many “sustainable” activities and represented concepts can you find on our cover this month? I’m up to 20 and counting; of course, I counted each solar panel separately plus each carpooler in the electric vehicle! How many of these actions are you contributing to or participating in? Can you make one more happen each month?

SustainIndy, launched by Mayor Greg Ballard five years ago this month, defines a sustainable community as one built around a strong economy, healthy environment and exceptional quality of life. I like the idea of living in this kind of community. As publishers, Kim and I meet up with an encouraging number of readers, advertisers and other business people focused on fulfilling the vision of SustainIndy. Each meeting lends a sense of excitement and pride to the eco-progress happening here. This month, local articles highlight how members of our community are working to make a difference while also helping others take steps to minimize their own environmental footprints.

In other local news, we commend the dedicated individuals working to improve the quality of life and health for others in our community through education and advocacy. People like Shelia Cafferty, cofounder of Gluten Free Living Now, the hometown sponsor of one of the largest gluten-free expos in the country for anyone affected by gluten intolerance, happening here on October 5. People like Angela Capretti, founder of the Indy Action Group, organizer of the March Against Monsanto, on October 12. Come out to advocate for labeling GMOs, and show your support for local, organic, non-genetically modified (GM, GMO) and sustainably grown foods.

It’s true that it takes a village. All of us working together to enlighten, encourage and empower ourselves and others will make a difference. We have good reason to believe that our mounting excitment and inspiration will win the day. Will you join us?

Healthy living is green living,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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