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Letter From Publisher

Nov 03, 2013 01:35PM ● By Teona Wright

Autumn’s glorious colors announce a favorite time of year for me. I inhale the crisp air and revel in anticipating Thanksgiving—a time of gratitude and good food! Throughout the holiday season and always, we have the opportunity to give thanks daily for all the good we have, are and can be.

Experts observe that an attitude of gratitude in and of itself can lead to growth, help restore balance in our lives, and welcome even more good in to be thankful for. It’s a perfect time for Natural Awakenings to spark focus on Personal Growth. We invite you to take a moment now to hit the “pause” button and discover the people, places and things within these pages as they light a path to new views, perspectives and perhaps a renewed sense of inner peace.

In our feature article, “Fast Track to Personal Growth,” Bess J.M. Hochstein explores several avenues of self-inquiry that can lead to more grace and love for our self and thus, those around us. Each positive choice and selfless contribution we make ripples out to benefit the whole, joining other expanding ripples in making the world a better place. What a wonderful thought to move forward with during this special season of Thanksgiving.

Together, you, I and 3.8 million more Natural Awakenings readers are contributing to the mounting positive energy making a helpful difference in everything from recycling to paying it forward. Our individual and collective spirit plays a vital role in encouraging others to join in. When it comes to the many opportunities this magazine provides us, our family’s motto is: “Do good things, and good things will happen.”

Throughout this month’s editorial we highlight local people, events and businesses that are working to do good things, make a difference and improve others’ lives in our community. Georgetown Market celebrates 40 years of bringing natural health and wellness products and education to Indy. Vine Healthcare opens a larger practice in Carmel, providing multi-layered services in functional and integrative medicine. Practitioners share their insights on the Egoscue Method of alignment. Tom Wood Subaru joins us as a partner and supporter of eco-friendly practices with the message “because it is the right thing to do.” Welcome one and all to the building wave of good works.

We recognize all these blessings, and rejoice that gratitude grows when it is shared. Our staff is forever thankful for everyone that supports, energizes and contributes in myriad ways to our expanding Natural Awakenings of Indy community.

What words come to mind when you reflect on the power of Thanksgiving? Gratitude, love, abundance, warmth, family, friends, health, grace and blessings…

May they all be yours,
Teona Wright, Publisher
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