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Letter From Publisher: Giving back this season

Dec 10, 2013 02:53AM ● By Teona Wright

Chris and Robyn Thompson, Cindy Sams, Johnny and Melissa Bird, Kim and Teona at the Horizon International headquarters

I love how December brims with an air of celebration, twinkly lights, festive traditions, a focus on giving and a full schedule of fun and sacred activities. We feel the magnified power of hope, faith and love throughout our local, national and global communities.

What more can we do to make this, as the song says, “The most wonderful time of the year,” in our own lives and for those we encounter? Giving back can work wonders. As we put our compassion into action it connects us with the energies of joy and abundance surrounding us just waiting for us to wake up to them. Love is the reason for the season—and our special holiday edition theme, Awakening Humanity.

England’s Princess Diana, one of my personal heroines for her work on behalf of those in need, kept a hand-written card on her desk that resonates with me: “You cannot comfort the afflicted without afflicting the comfortable.” I discovered it as part of an exhibit of her personal items, just one of many touchstones in her legacy as a global humanitarian that lives on through the lives that she touched and that witnessed her example.

Recently I was privileged to participate in Northview Church’s Good Neighbor weekend. The church closed its doors to regular services for the weekend while the congregation helped lead organized volunteer projects throughout the city. Thousands of people performed hundreds of good works, including clean-up efforts, planting gardens and packing Kids Against Hunger meals. Melissa Doll, Natural Awakenings of Indy’s social media and event coordinator, helped facilitate while our entire publishing family pitched in. We enjoyed embodying love in action.

My co-publisher Kim and I, along with several volunteers, were assigned to participate in a call campaign at Horizon International. The organization coordinates sponsorship and support for children affected by HIV/AIDS in South Africa. As part of our introduction, we toured the center to learn about their efforts and achievements and discovered a beautiful global gift shop to benefit the children.

As it happens, our family has sponsored a Horizon International child named Adelite for the past three years. A week prior to the volunteer weekend we were asked to consider also adopting another child who had lost her sponsorship. Our new dear one is 14, and her name is... Faith. I invite you to read more about this worthy organization and others in our local feature, “Gifts That Give Back.”

Wishing you and yours a world of compassion,
peace and blessings always,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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