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Letter from Publisher

Feb 12, 2014 06:45PM ● By Teona Wright

Happy Heart Art 2005

What does your heart good? I began thinking about this because of this month’s theme, Rethinking Heart Health. The standard responses of exercise, diet and regular check-ups first came to mind. Then, a shift of mental gears had me reflecting on positive emotional influencers, that suggest a different prescription for health, such as communing with nature, connection with others, optimism and, of course, love in its infinite manifestations. Valentine’s Day can be another gentle reminder to revisit how well we are expressing love to our self and others.

As good as my intentions are to pursue healthy heart activities on all fronts, I find myself challenged by society’s hyperactive status quo that seems to ensnare most of us. Recently, I read that we take in as much information in one day as our ancestors absorbed in one year in the 1500s. It’s doubtful that the human capacity for input has grown at the same rate.

I don’t wish to go backwards and surrender the benefits of progress (where it’s truly beneficial), including the wonders of technology. It gives us boundless freedom to connect, work from virtually anywhere, and find the answers to a myriad of curious questions. Yet, it’s healthy not to let technology shift us away from the heart of life, the tactile activities that satisfy our essential humanity, ranging from face-to-face communication and thoughtful gestures to up-close encounters with nature.

Some of our favorite hobbies from years ago have also most likely succumbed to more screen time and other sedentary activities. Count me in as one who has heard the siren’s call of 24/7 connectivity with e-devices. Just a few years ago, I was doing a good amount of drawing and painting for the sheer joy of the experience. The pleasurable feeling of creative expression, heightened focus and sense of accomplishment were palpable. Because it made my heart happy I named my little collection Happy Heart Art… yet I haven’t picked up a pencil or brush for years. I’m convinced that our resurrecting a favored “vintage” hobby or two is a recipe for happiness and is bound to do our heart good.

Granted, new interests, pursuits and hobbies have taken hold and given me equal pleasure to painting – the creative expression in publishing Natural Awakenings Indy, turning exercise into a daily practice, and creating special memories with new little loved ones. As you care for and share your heart this month, results will tell. Take cherished moments to do something you love, tell someone you love them, perform an act of kindness for a stranger and send a loved one (or wronged one) a handwritten note. It will do your heart good.

I recently came across a plaque by an anonymous author that captures what it’s all about:

It’s about love
It’s about compassion
It’s about kindness and faith
It’s about patience
It’s about caring and sharing
It’s about forgiveness
You get what you give… so give good.

Wishing you a heart-centered life,

Teona Wright, Publisher

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