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Natural Awakenings Indianapolis

Letter from Publisher

Mar 04, 2014 09:32PM ● By Teona Wright

As we cross into the cusp of spring following an extreme winter, we are grateful to turn to planning for the renewed greening of life. The March edition of Natural Awakenings is one of my favorites as we all anticipate a lush growing season, avidly digging into food and garden subjects that feel close to home.

If you’re like me, you know that it’s not easy being a foodie with food sensitivities, which is the case with most members of my family. This month, we’ve got you covered with articles on practical approaches to food sensitivities in children, fresh food trends in sustainable eating and even healthy gluten-free eating on the go. Our experts provide helpful information for what life looks like today for many families. I know my own family continually finds useful resources through engaging with this magazine and many good people and places around town; we always look forward to sharing what we learn and discover with readers.

Recently I received a call from a new reader, Tamela Shook, who picked up her first copy at her local library. She was so excited to share the magazine with her family and talked with me about several current articles that will make a difference in her life. “I think it’s wonderful, there is so much packed into these pages. It’s one of the best magazines I’ve read, and it’s even better that it’s free!” Tamela plans to pick up a copy each month and help spread the word about naturally healthy living.

This got me thinking about how we could share even more information with our readers and others to awaken everyone to the benefits of natural and sustainable healthy living. Each month we receive a treasure trove of content and it’s not possible to print it all.

In this spirit, I encourage you to regularly visit for additional tips, relevant news and informative articles. Several featured articles are available exclusively online. Plus, with a couple of clicks you can access a wealth of information in past issues and archived resources. Links make it a snap to share individual articles that particularly speak to you and yours.

You can also sign up for the digital edition of this magazine. Each month you’ll receive a free copy in your email in-box that you can easily read and forward to friends and family interested in living healthier, happier, longer lives.

Please contact me at [email protected] to share your ideas and local resources that you think other readers will want to know about. We are always on the look-out for additional distribution locations, topics of interest to our readers, calendar events and advertising partners—all resources that make it possible to reach more people and offer the opportunity to make a wonderful difference in their lives.

Let’s Awaken Indy!

Teona Wright, Publisher

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